Years of experience with a variety of client types allows me to offer a wide range of skills for anyone looking to start, update, or continue their image presence.


I always start the logo process in black and white. If a logo is strong in simple black and white, it can become almost any color. Color choices and graphic elements enhance the media, but fonts play a large role in your identity and should easily engage your viewer. I can bring all these elements together to help you form your identity.


DAZL logo design, brochures, rack cards, stickers, web banners and exhibits. Client: Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records
Brochure, flyers, and business cards for non-profit. Client: Grand Canyon Guitar Society


wmg-Summer 2017 NL
Annual reports and 20 page twice yearly newsletters for non-profit. Client: Watershed Management Group. Click image to go to: https://watershedmg.org/annual-reports and https://watershedmg.org/newsletters


Many times, ideas need to be larger than a computer screen or a letter sized piece of paper. Going big has it’s own set of challenges. Indoor, outdoor, weather, distance, viewer angles, and materials used can make a big difference.

Carnegie Library-southwall

Carnegie Library-northwall
Carnegie Library 100 year exhibit. Panel colors compliment the furnishings and wood. Special care had to be taken for the historical building’s curved walls. Client: Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records


Informational sign for a water harvesting project at a local school. 4′ x 3′ metal sign installed on exterior wall.
AzLA_Booth panels_DAZL
DAZL (Digital Arizona Library) 10′ x 12′ booth exhibit. Client: Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records
2′ x 3′ sign showing neighborhood walking path for Crockett School. Client: Helping Phoenix Neighborhoods


Hand-drawn or computer generated. Sometimes, an illustration can say more than a photo.

Sun Produce Co-op postcard
Local farmers cooperative marketing. Logo design, custom illustration, and postcard layout/design. Client: Sun Produce Co-op, pro bono.
Khayat Festival t-shirt
Wedding celebration t-shirt. Design incorporates both stock art and hand drawn elements.
Custom illustration showing the proper way to plant a new tree. Client: Trees Matter – SRP Shade Tree Program.
AZ Symbols worksheet for kids
“Find the Arizona State Symbols” custom illustration coloring sheet. Client: Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records.


I love projects that incorporate both my computer expertise and illustration ability into functional design. The main programs used to accomplish this feat: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop as well as Microsoft Office Suite.

In 1994, I graduated with an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Advertising Art – Production Art/Advertising Illustration Program from Gateway Community College, Phoenix, AZ. After working for a direct mail company for 5 years, in 1995 I started my own business, Cero Wood Graphic Design.